Our Home Study

Time for a brief update on our home study! Every family who is adopting or fostering has to have a home study. Someone comes in to your house, interviews you, and does an inspection of your home to make sure it’s safe and livable.

After getting ready for Porter Flea, making handmade Christmas gifts, and having a house guest all month… my house had gotten pretty messy pretty quickly. I am capable of big messes in little time. So with a weeks notice, we began to clean. But not just any clean. We scrubbed, we reorganized, we downsized furniture and drawers, we rearranged things and added to our storage space under the house. It was a LOT of work. Thankfully, I had help and by Wednesday evening, our house was sparkling and ready to be inspected.

Our home study writer was so sweet! She said that we were really on top of things and organized (first time anyone’s EVER said that about me) and that she could tell we had put a lot of thought and time into getting our home ready for these kids.

Legally, she has to come back to our home once more before we can get a placement. But she said our house was ready to go and she didn’t see anything that needed changing, so she’s writing the home study packet now and will be able to submit it as soon as she comes back (January 7th).

Technically we could have a placement as early as January 8th. We do not expect it to be QUITE so soon, but she mentioned that a lot of her families have been getting placements awfully quickly.

So there ya go! All of our hard work was worth it; we knew it would be. And now we are trying our very hardest to relax here in Missouri while our paperwork is finished up in Tennessee. I just woke up from a lengthy nap, in fact, and plan to do nothing but lounge in pajamas for the rest of the day. I’m so thankful for all you who prayed for me and helped me out! 20121223-145419.jpg20121223-145603.jpg20121223-145631.jpg


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