About Steph

I grew up in the midwest (Missouri mostly) but I now live in Nashville, Tennessee with my bearded husband. Apart from blogging, I am a foster mama, artist, vintage collector and seller (Buffalo Mae! Check the shop link above), doodler, poet, party stylist, and more… a regular Steph of all trades. Glad to meet you!


9 thoughts on “About Steph

  1. Hello, my cousin is Carolyn Stradling (her mother and my father were brother and sister) and she posted on Facebook this link about how you are trying to raise the money to go to Haiti again. In looking over your site, I noticed you are from Missouri and I saw the picture of your Mother, so have to ask–where in Missouri are you and your Mother from. I grew up in Joplin and the picture of your mother looks very familiar. Sorry if this seems strange

      • Then I doubt she is any one I may know. I lived most of my life in Joplin, but attended Missouri Southern and Pittsburg State. Thought I might know her from there if not Joplin. Maybe it is just my memory that is off some.

        Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

  2. Hello! I ran across your face art for “Send Steph to Haiti”. Are you still doing these? I think you may be back from your trip, but I would love to get some sketched up for my fiance and I. Please let me know if this is something are up to, and if so, what you need from me.


    • Yes! I am definitely still doing them. They’re $10 per person and you can send the money to my PayPal link on the “Send Steph to Haiti” page. All I need is a photo of the two of you and an email address to send the finished product to!

      • Great, what type of file will you be sending as a finished product? I am hoping to get an Indesign or Illustrator file. Let me know, thanks!

      • It’s normally a PDF or jpeg – you can shoot me an email at stephhagenart(at)gmail.com. May I ask why you want an Illustrator or Indesign file?

  3. Hi step! I was just reading some of your post from your trips to Haiti. Truley inspired with your work. Was wondering if you’d like to see some updates photos of the children from the Bethel Guest house I took when I went down in February and October! Missing my babies tonight and was hoping someone would like to share some memories!

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