Little A

What I thought was going to be a 2 week vacation turned into a 1 week vacation, and here’s why: there’s a 6 year old girl sleeping in my house.

At 6:00pm, my mom and I were driving into New Orleans on our way toward Gulf Shores to see my grandparents and the beach. I got a call from DCS asking if we’d be willing to take a 6 year old girl in to our home.

And my mind did one of these: WHAT?! Uh… well… I’m 9 hours away. So… ? And then I called Dave and he was all, “Your call. I don’t want to ruin your vacation.” Ha! Right. And my mom, being so very much herself, said, “well let’s head to Nashville!”

And so we did. Or, we are. We just crossed the Tennessee state line on our way back. Dave and A (as we’ll refer to her online for her protection) are asleep at home.

Around 11pm she got there, and Dave signed paperwork and introduced her to our home. She asked him to read her a book before bed, so he did. And then my heart exploded.

In about an hour, I’ll be sneaking quietly into my home that is changing right this very minute, and try to peek into her room quietly. HER ROOM that is living up to its purpose FINALLY after 4 years of our waiting and praying. And I will try so hard to sleep for a few hours so I can wake up and meet my sweet little A. Welcome little one.