Summer Remix

No joke, I’ve been looking for old globes at thrift stores and flea markets for over two years. Finally, my dad was getting rid of one from his old office and I happily accepted it into my home.

Then it took me over a year to find a second, and I snagged it without hesitation because it was my dream globe. Size, price, and coloring – just what I wanted. Then I found 3 more last weekend and now I have a (temporary because I’ve been asked to paint a couple for friends) collection.

I like the globes so so much that I redecorated my bedroom around them.








Porter Flea – Spring 2013


Tomorrow starts the crazy-busy-work-weekend for me. Two days of Porter Flea and one full day of a big mural project. Can’t wait to show you pics of it all when I’m done. For now, I’m taking some deep breaths and powering through until Sunday night when I can finally sit down and relax! It’ll be a crazy few days doing work I absolutely love!




New Orleans or Bust

Tomorrow morning I’m hitting the road with my mom and one of my little sisters to good ol’ New Orleans! This is how cool my mom is: about a year ago (maybe?) I mentioned that I have really been wanting to visit New Orleans. I haven’t been since I was old enough to remember anything about it, so I decided that it was the next place I wanted to explore. So my mama, in true mama-fashion said, “hey, do you want to go to New Orleans with me?” Yeah. Yeah I do. She turns 50 this year and it’s my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary, so we’ve declared 2013 her Party Year. Lucky me, because I get in on some of her parties!

So in honor of my upcoming trip to New Orleans, I’m having a huge Buffalo Mae sale. 40% off any purchase of $20 or more. Use the code NEWORLEANSORBUST for your discount. Happy shopping friends!

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Holly Hobbie

When I was a girl, my grandparents had a Holly Hobbie board game that was my mama’s when she was younger. I loved that game. But not to play. I just flipped through the cards and admired their cuteness.

Then I grew up and my cuteness-admiring got so out of control that I started a shop called Buffalo Mae. All we do is sell cute. And when I am out buying things for my shop, I also occasionally find things I need to keep. Like anything Holly Hobbie related. I’ve started a collection. The first piece was a gift from my friend Lillian. The rest, Lillian and I have discovered on our thrifting adventures. 20130307-205549.jpg20130307-205608.jpg