Thankful for Coloring

There is a flurry of activity around my house these days, as you can imagine, and I am so behind on work. But I set aside 10 minutes to just sit and remind myself to be thankful for the chaos and all the changes that are coming my way and while I was sitting and thinking and being thankful, I made this coloring sheet.

Print it out and spread it around the kids table this Thanksgiving. Or hand one to that relative who will not stop complaining all day as a gentle reminder. Or save it as your phone’s wallpaper. The possibilities are ENDLESS!



Popsicle Stick Dolls




I saw this on Pinterest and literally gasped. It’s the cutest, right? So I decided to make some of my own. This is what you’ll need to make your own set of sweet little popsicle stick gals. 20130220-123956.jpg




1- A glasses case. Mine was $0.50 from the thrift store and in pretty bad shape, so I gave it a quick coat of paint and made a stripe across the top with some washi tape.

2- washi tape

3 – popsicle sticks

4 – colored pencils and a pen

And here’s how you make them!

  1. Paint one side of your popsicle sticks (pictured above)
  2. wrap one end of the stick in washi tape, leaving a small piece untaped (for the head)

20130220-124012.jpg   3. Use your pen and draw a little lady. Don’t be intimidated! It’s really just a few simple lines. Look closely at the picture below if you’re scared of drawing a lady and just copy it, line by line. Drawing isn’t too scary. I promise!20130220-124019.jpg



4. Color her in with your colored pencils. I tried using markers here, but they bled too much. I colored the tights and the hair on my gals and left their skin the color of the popsicle stick.20130220-124115.jpg

I wanted a place to keep mine so I could keep them in my purse so they’d all stay together and be easily transportable. A glasses case was the perfect place. Now my silly little gals have a home.




Valentine Banner DIY

On a whim, I decided I needed Valentine decorations up in my house. So I spent $6.50 at Target and got two packages of tissue paper and one package of paper napkins to make a quick, cheap, and easy Valentines Day banner.

I made this little guy in about an hour and it couldn’t have been easier. I modified this tutorial a little bit to make it easier and less messy (I used washi tape instead of hot glue, for example). I had such fun making it that I decided I needed more of them. Off to the store to get more tissue paper, brb.




Tea Party

Birthdays are a big deal to me. When it is my birthday, I drag it out as long as possible. I make a fuss. Do you know what’s really fun for people like me? Making a fuss for others people’s birthdays!

My sweet friend, Sadie, turned 8 years old last month and we threw her a fancy, backyard, magical tea party. Complete with handmade and vintage decor, fancy party dresses, and fresh flowers.

I have a huge stash of vintage hardback books. I added a little chalkboard paint to the covers and now they’re a great, super versatile decoration.











Happy birthday Sadie Jane! I cannot believe you are 8!

Twinkle Toes

There’s this place called Essex. It’s a magical world full of bargains and discounts on bargains where they have things like Espresso machines and cribs and witch-craft popsicle makers. Also they sometimes have overstock shoes from Urban Outfitters for $10. And cute glasses. (Cute kid not included.)

I am to bargains what a divining rod is to a natural spring. I just can’t help myself.

Anyway, I found these shoes at Essex and knew immediately that I had to paint polka dots on them with gold paint. That’s a normal reaction to have to things, I think.

So I grabbed this… (gold leaf pen bought from Wal-Mart a few years ago)

And made this happen…

Quickest DIY ever.

Ms. Distraction and Ms. Motivation Duke it Out

There’s this thing about motivation that seems very snobby. Let me explain.

For the purpose of this explanation, Motivation is a she. If you and Motivation are already friends, then she’s like, your BFF and you go everywhere together and hang out and whisper about all the lazy people together at parties. You know? But if you just met Motivation and you’re trying really hard to make her be your friend, she’s elusive. She might show up every once in a while to hang out for a few minutes, but then she remembers that you’re not her real friend and then leaves.

Please tell me I’m not the only one that feels this way.

So, motivation is an acquaintance and I’m trying to coerce into sticking around to be my BFF. I cleaned today, I finished a craft project, I ran some errands, did some laundry, and am now writing a blog post… but I keep getting this feeling like motivation is on her way out the door any second. Like, if I don’t spend every second convincing her to be my friend, she’s gone.

The point of this blog was to show you the cool craft project I finished though. Distraction is currently my BFF, as you can see. We’ve been tight since 6th grade when Distraction taught me that boys were more interesting than my mean teacher Mrs. Phillips.

Here’s what Motivation and I did while Distraction was in the other room hiding inside my new Wii.

And then Ms. Distraction got her feelings hurt, but it’s ok. She deserved it.

It’s My New Thing

If every thing on Earth had a fan following, I would be voted President of Super Fans for the “lists” Fan Club. I like lists. I like them in poetry and lyrics, grocery lists, to do lists, packing lists, etc.

My friend Lillian, who is mentioned on this blog so often she needs her own category, tipped me off to this site with the cutest ever daily journal pages. And you’d think with how excited it made me that I was also the President of Super Fans of Daily Journal Pages with Parts to Color and Silly Doodles. And I printed two copies so I could go ahead and do them all in one afternoon, but I also could do one per day, like one is supposed to do. And then THAT site lead me over to THIS site that just happens to be doing a list thing every Tuesday that convinced me that I needed to start making this blog more awesome by adding lists and doodles and parts to color every Tuesday as well.

So, here we are. Run on sentences later. And sentence fragments later. Lists and Doodles and Parts to Color… it’s my new thing. I’d like to do one per week. We’ll see. I don’t normally participate in things other blogs are doing every week, but I think you know how I feel about lists. On the list of members of the Super Excited About This Fan Club, I’m like junior vice president or something.

Here’s the first page.