Ready, Set, November

I am guilty of playing in to the glorification of busy. I try not to, but I catch myself filling up my days with too too much. Days of too much turn into weeks of too much. November is busy, but a good busy, because we are busy relaxing. I just got back from a quick weekend trip to Huntington, West Virginia to help my friend Lillian shoot a wedding. We brought a couple friends along and had the best time!

photo 1 photo 2


I ate shrimp and grits at a place called Backyard Pizza and Raw Bar. They talked me into grits, I had never had them before, and I am a changed 3 photo 4 photo 5

We have two court dates this week for D, and then we’re leaving town again for vacation! Dave’s brother and his family live in the Philippines and while they are home for a few months, we are driving back to MO to spend some time with them. We miss them so when they are gone! Really looking forward to some rest and relaxation with family. Then we’re home for a week and then we’re gone again for Thanksgiving. Good thing I have most of my Christmas shopping already done. I feel like it’s already January!


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