My personal motto is “Make every day.”

The older I get, the more I learn about myself. (Oh! Surprise! A gal in her 20’s is self-discovering!) And one thing I have learned in the past few years is that I *need* to be creative- and really often. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Sometimes “making” is just dinner, or I redraw something on my chalkboard, or I whip out a quick little sketch before bed. Just that little bit can make such a difference in my attitude. But on days my “making” is a big project or an in-depth product, I feel so ME and cheerful.

Which makes me remember that God giving us talents is a really big deal. Using those talents (even in the tiniest ways) is a really fun way to feel connected to the Creator. I’ve been trying to be more public about my creative side, lately. It started as a self-promotion/marketing necessity (which is hands-down the WORST part of being self employed) and forced me to take a long look at my desire to be private about what I make. There’s something very vulnerable and weird about displaying your talents. Even me saying that right now makes me feel gross. Calling my creativity a talent? To the Internet? Gross. What if people are like, “uh, if that’s your talent, you’re in trouble” or people think I’m being conceited by saying I have a talent? Ridiculous, self. God gave me this gift. On purpose! He wants me to use it. He wants me to tell people that His gifts are real and good and awesome. I try to pray that I give him glory every day. If that means posting a picture of a thing I made on Instagram, as weird as it is, that can be a small step in the way I worship and say, “thank you God for the gifts you give me.”

And on that note… here is a thing I made. It’s a pretty good summary of all these things I’ve been thinking about lately.