His First Father’s Day

I don’t really know how to write a post about my husband on his first Father’s Day. What do I say about this sorta-daddy?

The one who flips kids upside down 100 times in a row and let’s them throw beach balls at his face for fun

The temporary-papa who took our first foster placement in at midnight all by himself, read her a story, and tucked her in

The man made our second foster placement fall so in love with his new “Daddy-Dave” so quickly that I wasn’t sure I’d ever be as loved by D

The Daddy-Dave who fell asleep on the bed next to the pack-n-play in the middle of the night because our D wasn’t sleeping well

The man who rescues me with a quick foster-dad, foster-son trip to the park when a certain little toddler has poured a mug full of cold coffee on his head, the floor, and the kitchen counter on purpose after a really rough day and an even rougher week

The man who was described as gentle and loving to D’s birth mom and has earned the description time and time again

The man who makes my tired-mama days feel lighter and better every moment he is here and cheers and laughs with me on my happy-mama days

That Daddy Dave.

I guess what I can say is that I’ve never been so thankful for the man he is, for the ways he helps me, and his commitment to our family. I love him, I love him. Happy Daddy Dave Day.





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