Super Fun Weekend of Treats

I decided last week to have a weekend full of special treats with Dave and D. Fun activities, delicious food, and little gifts. Dave had a three day weekend (a rare and special treat in itself) so we filled it up with fun.

We started off with a back porch picnic.

Then we went to the drive-in for the first time with D.

The next day we had lots of fun outside time (D’s very favorite thing) and some delicious frozen yogurt. He had such fun eating samples out of the little cups.

The next day was an Arrested Development costume party. We dressed D up as a “never nude” but didn’t get any good photos, unfortunately. We got plenty of photos of our Hot Cop and Rita costumes though. This party with friends was LOADS of fun!

Our last full-of-fun day started off with delicious donuts from Fox’s Donut Den (a Nashville gem) and another outside day with a cookout with friends.

I’m trying to soak in all our favorite moments with D. We are loving our time together. I think every weekend should be a super fun weekend of treats.


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