Two Weeks In

It’s been two weeks since little D came to our home.

We are getting into a routine, learning about each other, and figuring out how to function. Our everything-is-perfect honeymoon stage was over when he started cutting some two-year molars. Lots of fussiness and not feeling great got us really familiar with each other really quickly. I got very tired. Mamas with teething babies, you are warriors. Consider yourselves saluted.

In the past two weeks, I stopped most personal hygiene, feeding myself meals, and remembering how to relax. I’m still working on those actually, but we’ll get there. I am dead tired by 8:30pm and wide awake any time D makes a noise at night. My brain has turned to mush. Productivity of any kind is a joke.

But we have such joy. The majority of our days are filled with laughter and silliness. I teach him new words like “awesome” and “hey-oh” and he teaches me HIS new words. “Beeylap” is black, “mowm” is milk, “yoga!” Is Yo Gabba Gabba. As soon as he goes to bed at night, I look at pictures and videos of him and miss him a little. I laugh and laugh at jokes he makes and dances he does. We really like each other. Our little family of three is happy, and happy to be happy, and happy to be figuring things out.



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