Papa Bear

Dave is a great man. One of the best, in fact. He is wise and kind and he is basically good at everything. Including, apparently, being a foster parent.

From the minute Dave walked up the stairs and smiled at D for the first time, they have been buddies. When D wakes up and Dave has gone to work, he says, “where Day?!” And yesterday when I told D that Dave pulled up, he yelled, “Day! Eeeeew-heeeew” which is D-speak for woohoo.

He loves to follow “Day” around and help him do anything. Yard work, dishes, frisbee. They are the cutest pair of blonde-haired, blue-eyed buddies I’ve ever met.

Of course I told Dave all along that he was going go to be a great parent, foster or not, but watching him live it out makes me want to tear up every time he makes D laugh or picks him up or says prayers with him at bedtime.

Day, D and I are so thankful for you!






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