Welcoming D

We got the call for another placement Tuesday. A newly 2 year old boy needed to move foster homes, and we made the easy decision to take him in. I was able to talk to his former foster parents (who had D for 6 months) quite a bit on Wednesday and am truly blessed to have heard their advice, stories, and prayers for little D. What an encouragement that transition ended up being for all of us! Wednesday evening, D came home to us for the first time.

Now, when I say “came home” some of you probably get nervous. You probably think I should be careful, I shouldn’t get too attached, that anything could happen, etc. The truth is that, for me, doing the best job I can do, in the time with D that I have been given, means sacrificing. What may be pain down the road is joy-filled, life-giving love now and that will always be worth it. This is our D. This is his home. We love him dearly.

I’m a little overwhelmed (but not at all surprised by… we ALL knew this was coming) what I feel for him already. He is funny and kind, laid-back and full of adventure. He has wrapped himself around our hearts in some really big ways – YES, even Dave’s heart! 🙂 We are trusting The Lord to hold on to all 3 of us. We know that his great big plan for Dave, me, and D is awesome, regardless of how long we are together.

We are expected to have him for 6 months, but our case manager hinted that it could be longer. And after 2 1/2 days of absolute joy and the best sort of overwhelming exhaustion, I can honestly say 6 months doesn’t seem nearly long enough.

We love you already, little D! Welcome home!




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