Words Matter

There are a few things that get me going more than words. They bring me up, they take me down. Real fast. So when I heard that the theme of our annual girls youth camp was “Words Matter” I was pumped.

I’ve been feeling the slightest bit lately that what I say doesn’t matter. I can talk and talk and feel like no one is listening. Surely I am not the only one. I think social media plays a big part in that feeling, when everyone is talking at each other and people rarely honestly listen.

So I went into this weekend expecting God to do great things in my heart and He did. We talked about the power of words. The Bible says that words have the power to give life and the power to kill. It’s so true, isn’t it? I shared a story with my girls this weekend about a boy in high school who called me a cow in the hallway. I have carried that with me every day of my life, believing that lie. He killed something inside of me that day. He was a boy I didn’t know; he should have held no weight in my life, but I chose to believe the label that he gave me. His words had the power to kill, and they did. Instead of replacing them with truth that God speaks into my life, I held onto them. What are the labels I’m believing that are untrue? That I am unloveable, fat, ugly, too much or not enough, weird, stupid, worthless? Those things are untrue and most definitely not from God.

One of the girls in my group said, “if the creator of me is telling me something about myself, and all these other people are telling me that I’m ugly or wrong or stupid, why would I listen to those people faster than I will listen to the one who created me?” I was struck with the simplicity and truth of that statement. The labels I am giving to myself, or the labels I believe other people give me, are NOT more powerful than the labels that God, the creator of me – my mind, my personality, my spirit, my body – gives and speaks over me daily. The Bible says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Why would I ever believe otherwise?

I hope we can all see those lies where they are and replace them with the labels that the one who loves us the most, the one who made us and died to save us exactly the way we are… that we can listen to the things that He says about us.


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