Popsicle Stick Dolls




I saw this on Pinterest and literally gasped. It’s the cutest, right? So I decided to make some of my own. This is what you’ll need to make your own set of sweet little popsicle stick gals. 20130220-123956.jpg




1- A glasses case. Mine was $0.50 from the thrift store and in pretty bad shape, so I gave it a quick coat of paint and made a stripe across the top with some washi tape.

2- washi tape

3 – popsicle sticks

4 – colored pencils and a pen

And here’s how you make them!

  1. Paint one side of your popsicle sticks (pictured above)
  2. wrap one end of the stick in washi tape, leaving a small piece untaped (for the head)

20130220-124012.jpg   3. Use your pen and draw a little lady. Don’t be intimidated! It’s really just a few simple lines. Look closely at the picture below if you’re scared of drawing a lady and just copy it, line by line. Drawing isn’t too scary. I promise!20130220-124019.jpg



4. Color her in with your colored pencils. I tried using markers here, but they bled too much. I colored the tights and the hair on my gals and left their skin the color of the popsicle stick.20130220-124115.jpg

I wanted a place to keep mine so I could keep them in my purse so they’d all stay together and be easily transportable. A glasses case was the perfect place. Now my silly little gals have a home.





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