Change, y’all

My life is about to change.

I am alarmed at how boring that sentence is, considering how consuming the upcoming life-change has been. 2012 was such a year of transition for Dave and I; we basically spent all last year preparing for the ways 2013 is going to rock our world. All the date nights we took for granted, all the Saturday mornings we slept in, all the quiet and boring, my do-anything-at-the-drop-of-a-hat adventuring, my selfish life… all of it will change any day now.

Because my brain and my heart have been preparing for all this change, I have sort of lost sight of my blog’s purpose. I feel like I needed a fresh start and a clear direction that was still so very “me” but… you know… changed.

So here it is. Human Mad Lib is about to get an overhaul, and here’s my brand board to give you a sneak peek at where I’m headed. Join me, will ya?



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