40 Weeks

So I missed a call yesterday while I was working. Checked the voicemail and heard the words I have been praying and praying for. “We’d like to schedule your home study before Christmas if we can.”

About 9 months ago, I had a dream that I was pregnant. Now, I have these dreams every once in a while, and I usually chalk it up to too much thinking about babies. But when 4 other people in the same week also have dreams that you’re pregnant, you go a little nuts. I took a pregnancy test that month; it was negative, and instead of getting insanely bummed about it, I counted out 40 weeks in my calendar and made a note for the week of Christmas. So maybe I’m not 8 1/2 months pregnant right now. Maybe there won’t be a baby here at the 40 week mark, but I have been hopeful that we would hit some milestone this month.

My path to motherhood has been nothing, if not unconventional. I thought, “ok, God. I feel like maybe you’re up to something. Christmas time is as good as any for the Hagens to meet the first kid.” Maybe I didn’t get pregnant 9 months ago, but hearing that my home study should be approved the same week I expected big parenthood things to happen is pretty cool.

So pray with me, will you? That we would slide effortlessly through the home study, that I would not freak out about the amount of cleaning and last minute paperwork and shopping we have to do in the next couple of weeks (so so much cleaning), that Dave and I will have faith that is so much bigger than we knew we possibly could have, and that I’d be able to sleep in the meantime. Because 4am bedtimes are not doing this potentially-soon-to-be mama any favors.


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