Porter Flea Recap

Porter Flea Buffalo Mae

Porter Flea


Porter Flea was just perfect. Seriously the best. It exceeded all my expectations. Watching people get excited about the clothes that I love dearly was really fun. Talking to the customers, meeting the kids who will wear Buffalo Mae, and feeling so so supported by friends – huge. Though I was insanely exhausted at the end of the day, I was feeling quite blessed and content.

Buffalo Mae kids

Nashville vintage kids

We were swamped ALL day. There were only a few moments throughout the day when we didn’t have a bunch of people in our booth looking around and shopping. In those moments, I was able to take a deep breath and take it all in… process, ya know? But I ran about 12 hours on hard-core adrenaline. I’m beyond thankful that I had help. My sister, Christina was in town and she helped me get ready all week, tagging items and such. Dave helped build pieces for display and hung out all day making sure everything was as smooth as possible for me (my hero) and Lillian, apart from taking all these awesome pictures, was my cash register gal and general helpfulness lady.

Christina Herzog and Stephanie Hagen

The highlight of my day was definitely meeting Mike, from American Pickers, and selling him a dress for his sweet daughter Charlie. I meet a decent amount of famous people… I live in Nashville and see celebrities fairly often. I keep cool. I am a normal human about it. But I totally fan-girled when he walked into the booth. I was the biggest dork. I asked to take a photo with him, told him I was a big fan, told him he could have anything he wanted for free (which he did not take advantage of – he paid full price) but, as my friend Carly said, “he’s the Justin Bieber of vintage,” so it was a warranted freak out.


I’m already looking forward to the next market! I think I could get used to this.



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