Porter Flea is Here!

I have never worked so hard on anything in my life. At least it feels that way now after my 5th straight day of sleep deprivation and working every waking hour of the past week getting ready for Porter Flea.

I am worn out. My bones are sore and my brain stopped functioning well 2 days ago. A couple things I ordered months and/or weeks ago that I needed are lost in the mail (business cards and the Square credit card reader). Thankfully I ended up being so in love with the handmade business cards I made tonight as a last resort and I have a giant grin on my face because I am so so excited about tomorrow’s Porter Flea. I’ve been so blessed to work on this little venture. I treasure hunt for a job. Amazing.

Anyway, I’m probably rambling. Remember what I said about sleep deprivation?

So please please please come see me and 59 other amazing vendors tomorrow at Marathon Music Works (I’m hoping the American Pickers guys show up!) from 11-6. I’ll be the really sleepy one with the giant grin.






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