You’re Pretty

You’re probably prettier than you think you are. Roll your eyes if you want, but I’m serious. Think about the most beautiful women you know. Have you ever tried to have a conversation with them about their appearance? It usually goes something like this: “You look so pretty today!” “What? No I don’t. Gross.” “Seriously, you’re so pretty!” “I’m really not. I feel so bleh today.” And then you move on because you know you’re not going to convince her she’s pretty -you know JUST HOW SHE FEELS. Because you think you’re bleh today too.


Now, I’m not speaking on authority. I’m not a confident person, as a general rule. I definitely hate being the center of attention, I will have a nervous breakdown if you try to compliment me in person, and I never ever “flaunt it if I got it”. Ever. Except this one time…

Enter Lillian B.

My friend Lillian (who is probably equally referred to on this blog as my husband) is a very talented photographer. She takes great photos.

She makes ME – non-confident, always hate every picture of myself- ME feel so pretty. I don’t know how she does it; I’m pretty sure it’s magic. But what I do know is that she does it client after client. I assist her on photo shoots several times a month, and it’s really fun watching her work. She has a tendency to make people on the receiving end of the camera feel so comfortable and… well… good lookin’. Even us, women! EVEN US!

She does boudoir sessions occasionally (which is such a great idea for wives for Christmas ideas, FYI) and just recently I assisted her on a boudoir session outdoors. We set up this amazing scene and she got some SERIOUSLY beautiful photos. It is SUCH a boost of confidence. The woman in the session the other day said, “I’ve never changed clothes in front of anyone ever before but my mom and my sisters and my husband and I felt so comfortable!” How awesome is that?

When she put this photo on Facebook, wonderful, beautiful women (that might read this blog!) said they would never do these photos because *enter self-confidence issue* made them nervous. And it made me sad in a “I know just how you feel” sort of way.

Once upon a time, I was on the “this is going to be awful and weird and embarrassing” side of the camera with Lillian and it ended up being a whole lot of fun (shockingly!) and not at all awful. When I got the photos back, I was so pleased with how great I felt. Now I know that I can get over the “I am giant today” feeling or the “my stomach always hangs over like this” weirdness and the “I’m pale as the moon and you can practically see through my skin” thoughts when my shins are uncovered. And it’s ok to not be perfect. It really really is; it’s even ok to be not-even-close to perfect. I totally get that feeling sometimes; and I look at these pictures and think, “I really look good!” Which is a fun change of pace.

So the next time you think about hiding from the camera or avoiding getting your pictures taken, remember that I told you to quit. Because really, you’re prettier than you think you are.


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