A month has gone by since my last blog post. I’ll blame that on my lack of a working laptop. Here’s what’s been going on with the Hagens in the past month:

– We’re still plugging away on our foster care classes. We only have two left! Can you believe it?

– Some sweet friends threw a foster care shower for us. I only went through 5 tissues full of crying. Go me! Because we aren’t sure how many kids, what ages, and what gender the kids may be, they had a cash shower. I was able to get some things for our home study (flashlights, fire extinguisher, bottles, etc) and had a really sweet time of prayer and encouragement. I love my friends.

– My mom came to Nashville for a few days for the shower. While she was in town, she kicked me into gear and helped me reorganize the house and make better use of my space. She’s so smart. We’re getting more and more prepared for our home study.

– We had heard that there was an agency in Nashville that was looking for families to foster and/or adopt infants. I was thrilled about that! I’m all about babies. You may have known that about me. So yesterday I had a phone meeting with the women we were told to contact. She told me that the agency recommends families struggling with fertility issues do not foster babies. She said there are normally too many emotional issues involved… grieving and loss and sadness and frustration. It makes sense, but it was still pretty disappointing to hear. So we’ll most likely stick with the state Department of Children’s Services instead of switching over to that agency. We will, of course, be in prayer over the emotional issues that I could experience if a baby comes into our home, and keep ourselves open to different age groups.

– My brother and sister-in-law had a baby! Little Sophie Kay Herzog is here! And she is perfect! Look how pretty.


– I’m in Missouri now visiting Sophie and family. I’m having a really good time, obviously.

Those are the important updates, I think. Hopefully I’ll be back to more regularly scheduled posts soon.