PATH class #1

Saturday was class #1 for our foster care training, and it was great!

I got really nervous when we first sat down because the trainer said, “Ok, this is the teenager class. If you’re not fostering teenagers, come back in January.” And my brain exploded. Luckily Dave was there to say, “let’s just stay and talk to them afterward.” Smart man, that Dave.

Most of Saturday’s class was looking over paperwork we will need to fill out, answering questions we had about home study things, and explaining more paperwork. I love filling out papers, so I am honestly excited about tackling that stack this week. One of the trainers asked the parents in the class what things they would want to know if their kids were going to stay with strangers for a few months. She let them answer for a few minutes while she made a list of things like, “anger management styles, child’s environment, parenting styles, food choices, criminal background, etc. and then basically said, “now you know why we do all this paperwork.”

After class when people were leaving, Dave asked, “we’re not sure teenagers is something we can handle right now. Should we keep coming to this class? What do you suggest?” Our trainer said, “go home and do some thinking. If you decide it’s not for you, sign up in 2013 for the next little kid class.” She may have seen the disappointment on my face because she quickly added, “or you can finish these classes and then just schedule your home study in January when we’re reviewing new families for little kids again.”

So we have some thinking to do. We can check the teenagers box (along with small children) on our application and take each call into consideration, regardless of age, or we can wait and get our home study completed in January when they’re ready for new families accepting small children only. Lots of thinking and praying to do about that in the next several weeks, but for now we’re on track to finish our PATH classes by October 6th!



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