Laptop Dies, List Gets Made

My laptop is forever dead, according to the Genius Bar. So I’m blogging from my phone, which explains the non-blogging thing. I have a couple posts saved up, but for now, you get another random list.

-I have the hiccups more than anyone else I know.
-I LOVE fireworks.
-People mixing up words in their sentences makes me laugh incredibly hard. Like, “it’s so here in hot.” Instead of, “it’s so hot in here.” Every time. Hilarious.
-I have a song stuck in my head 98% of the time. And I will sing it over and over and over. Even if it’s interrupting something.
-Sometimes I really want to spend a whole day doing super cute, quirky things (skipping rocks, wearing silly masks, having a funny dance party and a bonfire, taking photobooth pictures, etc) with Dave and have someone follow us around with a super 8 so we can make a sweet montage. Because I always love that part in movies. Who doesn’t want to live in a montage? It’s the best part.
-Most of the things I ever wanted to “be when I grow up” come together in foster care: be a mom, run a bed and breakfast, teacher, counselor, personal assistant, errand runner. Marine biologist, not so much.
-Drunk people freak me out a lot – like people who sleep walk. Similar fear, I think. I just don’t trust them. (Side note: Until sometime a few years ago, I was personally anti-alcohol. I’m not anymore after trusting what the Bible says about it. I sometimes partake in an alcoholic beverage now and then. Preferably drinks that don’t taste like nail polish remover. If you knew me before that shift, that side note may surprise you).
-When I smell something weird, the strangest descriptions pop into my head so fast. I’ve been known to say: “it smells like cabbage patch dolls in here,” “this smells like balloons full of soup,” “oh man. you smell like baby skunks,” and “this hallway smells like bandaids and fruit loops.”
-I have panic attacks sometimes. It’s happened 3 times ever. They’re super not fun. The first time it happened is actually a really funny, mildly inappropriate/embarrassing story. Ask me about it someday.
-I’m big in real life (in size, not personality). Most of my friends and family are taller than me, so I forget it, but I am tall for a girl. I’m 5’8″ – so prepare yourselves for that if you ever meet me.
-Online I’m an extrovert. In person, introvert. Try taking a personality test with a mind like that. Impossible.


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