Friday and Saturday – Haiti 2012

Friday is the day the mission organization takes everyone up to the tourist areas for souvenir shopping, American food, and to see some more of Haiti. In the afternoon, we come back and get to spend the day packing, cleaning up, and saying our goodbyes to the children in the Cretch. Saturday was spent in the airport. All day. Aaaaaall day. Too long. But Friday was good.

Earlier in the week I picked up a bug from one of the babies in the Cretch, and it started to catch up with me on Friday, so I took some medicine and a big nap when we got back from sight-seeing. When I woke up and went down to see the kids, this is what I found. Almost our entire team was downstairs, soaking up as much time as they could with the kids. I’m not sure what the other teams were doing, but Fellowship Bible Church was loving on the Cretch. I was so proud of this group of teenagers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love watching people love orphans. Though the composition of this picture isn’t great, you can’t really see anything specific, and I’m sure 100 other professional photo elements are missing… I love it. It’ll always be a reminder to me of that moment I loved.

It was much easier for me to say goodbye this year than it has been the past two years. It took me a while to figure out the lack of emotion (as I saw it) in leaving. I knew it wasn’t because I was any more willing to come back to America or because I didn’t have a wonderful, life-changing experience this year, or because every thought I had while holding those kids wasn’t about bringing them home with me. I think it was easier this year because God is preparing my heart for having children in my life for only a short time, teaching me that their lives are in motion to be great, as is mine, and though now we’re both in a place of needing (I need to mother, they need to be mothered) God has made our lives intersect for this moment only. And what a beautiful moment it was.


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