Tuesday – Haiti 2012

Tuesday morning, I packed up some craft supplies and took a short bus ride over to LaBoule orphanage. I had been warned that it was very dirty and very over crowded.

We walked through the halls of the orphanage and saw that the warnings were true. The bedrooms were full of bunk beds – 3 high and touching on all sides. And dirty doesn’t really explain the conditions very well. There was urine surrounding one side of the building; we walked through it to get to the kitchen. There were rat droppings on the mattresses. 80-100 kids live in this orphanage. Many of them have no documentation, and are unable to be adopted. They’ll spend their entire lives here.

Apart from these things, the children here seemed happy and healthy. They loved to play with play dough and jump rope. Sweet, respectful kids.

It’s really hard for someone who doesn’t yet meet the requirements for Haitian adoption to see things like this and not get completely outraged with the Haitian government. It’s fine, in their eyes, to have 100 children living in these conditions, but it’s not fine for a 26 and 28 year old couple who has been married for 7 years to take children away from here and give them a different life in America? I don’t understand that. I probably never will.


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