Haiti x 3

In just 4 short hours, I’m meeting my team at the airport for our week in Haiti. I’m a little wired with excitement, nerves, and Reese’s milkshake. In that order.

As always, I would love your prayers. Prayers for safe travel, prayers for our work to show off God’s big love and not America’s big bank checkbook, prayers for team unity, and prayers for the orphanage to be left a better place than we found it. I think it’s safe for me to speak for the team when I say your prayers are such a big deal to us.

I’ve done this enough to know that my heart will be broken in the best kind of way when I get home. I’m so looking forward to telling you all about it. You’ve helped me go on this trip; for that I am SO thankful.


2 thoughts on “Haiti x 3

  1. Me too–I didn’t know when your travel dates were, so I just started praying for you through the month of June. I’m keeping my hairicature up as my profile photo until you come back as a daily reminder to pray. ❤ from Norfolk, Virginia (just moved last week!)

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