A Journal For Every Occasion

Lillian saw these sweet little mini-books in a baseball card sleeve from the Martha Stewart website and I begged her to pin them on Pinterest so I could save the link.

So, as I tend to do, I took that idea and ran with it for days and did nothing else. At first, I made myself a set of mini books for my Haiti trip. Here’s what they look like. Please pardon my chipping nail polish.

Then, when that wasn’t enough, so I made three more just like it for a few other Haiti team members. And then that still wasn’t enough so I made a summer-set for all my summer fun. Here’s what that set looks like.

The last set I’m working on is a gift for my sister-in-law, so I can’t give too much of it away, but here’s a little peek at it.

I’m a little bit anal about keeping different journals for different things. I keep a different journal for everything – poetry journal, a notes-from-church journal, a deepest-darkest-thoughts journal, etcetera. So this project is perfect for me!


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