Solo Adventures

Dave’s been a pretty impressive work-horse for a few weeks now. He’s worked over 200 hours in less than three weeks. That’s a lot of work, you know?

So outside of working (still doing Hairicatures, personal design projects, and I have a few graphic design gigs right now that I’m working on) I’ve been filling my time with solo activities. Like reading, and super long baths that leave even my palms pruney.

Today I went on a drive south of town, sang at the top of my lungs for a solid two hours, and stopped at a little creek for a while.

It was really nice to get out and not sit inside pouting that Dave’s been working such crazy hours this month. That’s a really easy rut for me to get into, so I shook it off and went on an adventure. Being in the sunshine and listening to great music is a cure for just about anything, it seems.

I’m so thankful for the job he has. It’s a rarity in the music business, and it’s a huge blessing. I just need to concentrate on that instead of the no time off, no vacations, no flexibility thing. Because having a stable paycheck in a career he loves is a big deal. Here’s to jobs you love and going on adventures.


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