What I Learned Yesterday

Yesterday morning I woke up and sat in bed thinking about how much money I had left to raise for my Haiti trip. Last year Dave and I paid for half of the trip on our own, and half of the trip was covered thanks to donations from friends and family (and a couple strangers). This year, only 4% of the total trip cost had been donated, and with less than a month left to bring in the money, I was panicked. We would have had to empty our savings, have a pretty big garage sale, and do some scrimping to send me to Haiti again, and that’s something we were a tad stressed about.

So I had a moment of pity and stomach-knot-stress, and then I said, “I’m done worrying. I’m going to trust.”

And then I got $600 in 7 hours.

No really.

Thanks to all my friends who shared the link from yesterday’s custom portrait offer (which is still good! Get yourself an Art Face!), a good smack in the face of remembering who is really in control, and a venti caramel macchiato I slammed out FORTY TWO Art Faces. (And a 23-drawings rough draft project I already had on my to do list for today… but who’s counting…)

So here’s what I learned yesterday

  • I worry too much
  • I don’t trust enough
  • I have very very kind friends (one example of friend-kindness)
  • I get really fired up (in a good way) when God shows me how cool He is
  • Zooming in very closely and then tracing someone’s facial hair is a strangely intimate thing
  • Designing and drawing for 13 hours non-stop is actually super fun
  • Almost everyone has a reddish tint to their hair
  • Social media can be a really awesome tool

So now I’m off to do a few more custom portraits, run some errands for the office, turn those rough drafts into something colorful, and meet my sweet friends at the airport with their three Haitian kiddos who are finally coming home! More on that tomorrow!

Blog people, I love you. I mean it.


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