So, I’m lacking about $1000 still for my Haiti trip. That’s kind of scary considering the trip is in LESS THAN A MONTH! Whew!

How’s this for last minute fundraising – I’ll make one of these for you if you donate $10 to my trip using the “Send Steph to Haiti” page right up there under my header. For every $10, you can get another face. A mom, dad, and baby? $30. Just you and your fancy mohawk? $10.

You’ll get the digital file. Great for a business card, stationery, print it and frame it as a wedding gift. Seriously. $10 is a steal. When you donate, Paypal will send me an email from you – just let me know you want a customized portrait in that email!


2 thoughts on “Fundraiser

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  2. I know this is random because its been awhile since your trip but Hi my name is michael and I am trying to propose to my girlfriend of 11 years. Her name is Thu. I wanted to do something different and what I thought of is I would like to reach out to everywhere that I possibly could and ask to see if people would be willing to be a part of this. What I mean is someone could email just good wishes or draw a picture, (if you need one of us let me know) your drawings look great and if you could do one us that would be awesome. I  am going to be taking all this and turning it into a memory book that will be a part of a proposal. If you need our names and when we started dating it below but I would appreciate anything. Thank you for whoever reaches out and everything.

    Michael and Thu
    June 4, 2002

    My email is

    I understand that this does not provide you with any monetary gain so i am sorry if wasted your time but I have loved this girl since I was 16 and if you could help I would appreciate it, thank you again. Also if you just want to wish us good luck or have another idea please respond, thanks again

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