May Dates

I have a tendency to get all my “doing stuff” in before Dave gets home from work, so that when he is home, we can do nothing together all evening. It’s thrilling. We mostly just sit around and play Draw Something or watch Netflix. So we decided to start being more engaged with each other and actually do stuff. For the month of May, once a week we’re going to try to get out of our boring routine and date each other. Because we are big fans of each other and we’d like to take advantage of that. And really, we have to show off this beard, ya know?

So Saturday we headed out for an adventure. We went downtown to the Habitat home store to pick up some supplies for the next Buffalo Mae photo shoot, headed to an estate sale that had a rack of seriously breathtaking vintage kids’ clothing, and then headed back to our neighborhood for a cinco de mayo party with friends. It wasn’t really a date, but we had fun hanging out – so it felt sort of datey.

Then on Sunday, we had a fun little sushi and frozen yogurt date in the rain.

Basically what I’m saying is that my husband is really fun, and dates are awesome, and Netflix is overrated.


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