Treasure Map

I spend a LOT of time at thrift stores and flea markets, picking old barns and storage sheds, shopping sales and waiting for discounts. It’s safe to say I like a good treasure hunt. So this weekend, I had one thing on my mind. Flea Market. I let my pale legs out of their winter prison and hit the road with Dave and our friend Amanda.

Of course, Dave had to stop at the taco truck on the way.

Once a month, Nashville has an amazing flea market at the State Fairgrounds. Sometimes I come home with a car full, sometimes (like this weekend) I come home empty handed. It’s always fun to dig through all the booths and see what everyone has to offer. Here are some of my favorite things from this weekend’s trip to the Nashville Flea Market and a guide to the best (in my opinion) booths. Much like the grocery store, your best best for finding quality items is to stick with the outside aisles and avoid the center (where you’ll find things like bulk packaging for tube socks, and cheap rugs).

My friend, Amanda, and I literally gasped when we walked around the corner and saw this couch. It’s similar to the couch I already have, which I love to pieces. Plus it had already sold, and according to Dave, “It smells like a barn.” So it was easy to pass up, but still a beautiful piece!

There was a TON of vintage clothing at the Flea Market this weekend. There isn’t always a whole lot of it there, but what they do have is usually great quality. If you’re in the market for some seriously cute vintage (women’s mostly) clothing, check out the furthest back barn and the rabbit building. They tend to be the best places to find vintage clothing.

We found these beauties next to the rabbit barn as well, but there are usually a lot of other large decorator’s pieces on the far west side of the flea market as well. Be sure to make your rounds if you’re looking for large, unique pieces.

My favorite booth ever is usually in the next to last barn (sometimes the last barn – the furthest barn isn’t used in the slow months) and half of the stuff I get from the flea market, I get from this booth. The guy who works there is a ginger like myself – so you’ll spot him. He’s super friendly, gives good deals, and is happy to talk about his finds. I like this kind of vendor, and I think you will too. He seems happy about what he’s doing and I admire that. Check his booth out for sure. He’s usually got cool retro furniture, toys, electronics, and great decorator pieces. He told me his name last time I went, but I forgot it. How rude of me!

Here are some of the other fun things you’ll find in the back two barns.

Man I love the flea market. Do check it out if you’re in Nashville! You won’t be sorry!


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