Shop Opening Coming Soon!

I do this thing when I’m working on a big project, where all my time, energy, and attention go into that project for days and days until it is finished or I burn out.

I have two big projects that I’m working on right now, and it’s overtaking my life in a really fun way. One is a secret right now. Not a secret secret, but I’m not quite ready to share about it yet; I want to wait until it’s finished before I show you. You’ll find out soon enough, I promise. It involves lots of rearranging and craft projects. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve come up with!

The second big thing has been in the works for almost an entire year! whoa. It’s the Buffalo Mae vintage shop for kids. This project is so much fun. Thrift shopping, scouting out garage sales and antique stores, photo shoots, etc. And guess what! After a year of collecting and measuring items, Buffalo Mae is going to open shop NEXT WEEK! Here are a couple peeks at some of my favorite items in the shop.

I’ll be sure to announce the shop opening right here with a link to these pieces and more! So check back next week!


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