A Very Lillian Fundraiser

It’s that time of year again folks. The time where I realize that Haiti trip of mine is coming up awfully quickly and I’ve got some money to raise!

Last year, my friend Lillian gave away a session to anyone who donated $20 or more. Each $20 got another entry into the drawing. My friends Chad and Kristle won the giveaway – I think they’re saving up their photoshoot for when their two African babies get here!

Here’s some of Lillian’s amazing headshot work.

And here are the details to this year’s fundraiser: she’s offering $50 off headshot sessions. So all you folks who need new headshots for acting, business cards, dating websites, or Facebook – now is your chance! For $100, you can sign up for a headshot session and Lillian’s generously donating $75 of each session directly to my Haiti trip. On Sunday, April 29th, Lillian and I will be doing headshots from 4-6pm. Mostly I just stand there and fix the hair that the wind messes up. Important work, friends.

So sign up now! You can email lillian@lillianbphotography.com with the subject: “Send Steph to Haiti Headshots” and she’ll set you up!

Trust me – you’re going to love the pictures!


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