My Friend, Petunia

This weekend, we were invited to some friends’ house for an evening of sitting around, laughing and eating. We’re really good at that. My friend asked me to come inside because she had something to show me. When I walked in to her room, there was a giant wrapped box with a bow on top, sitting on her bed. FOR ME. It’s nowhere near my birthday, so I was confused. I opened the card first, as every good kid does, and it was so sweet. They said something along the lines of “this is a gift of encouragement – we know you’re going to be a great mom some day.” I did a really good job of not turning into a sobbing mess.

So, I opened the box and saw my dream diaper bag. The most beautiful bag ever. My heart leapt. There was a moment that I stopped breathing, I think. It was a mixture of utter surprise and extreme giddiness.

A month or two ago, I put a link up on Facebook with a caption that said something like, “My dream diaper bag is on sale” and “this is actually the diaper bag I’ve wanted since before Dave and I started trying to get pregnant.” With this picture of the Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake diaper bag in Buttercream Yellow below.

My love for that diaper bag knew no bounds. It was discontinued, so I knew I just wouldn’t ever get that bag. The problem is, I’m not pregnant, and I can’t justify spending almost $200 on a diaper bag (on sale) ever.

But my sweet friends had bought it for me as a way of saying, ‘It’s going to happen for you. You’ll be a mom someday, and a good one at that.’

The thing about infertility is that you see things come and go that you’ve got your heart set on. A diaper bag is the least of my worries, really, but I loved that bag, and I was bummed that it wasn’t going to happen for me. But names I’ve liked have become too popular, or a friend used it before I did, nursery designs have become out of fashion, really good deals on cribs or strollers I loved came and went. It’s a little sad to watch that happen year after year, you know? So this bag was more than just a bag for me. It was an encouragement and a little hope.

But hope and encouragement aside, it’s still the most beautiful bag I’ve ever held. To paint a picture for you of just how much I love this bag, I opened it as soon as we got home, and LITERALLY drooled when I took it out of the package. Realizing my lack of bodily control, I said “Dave. I just drooled… did you see that?” Dave said, “yeah. I did see that. That’s embarrassing.” Whatever, man. You don’t understand Petunia the way I do.

Then, as Dave was drifting off to sleep I whispered, “I know this sounds materialistic or whatever, but that bag is like, a dream come true.” I have a feeling he opened his eyes just so he could roll them.

So thank you, thank you, thank you friends, for such a thoughtful surprise. I can’t wait to fill it up with baby stuff and lug it around town. It was honestly one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. It was right up there with my puppy Oreo and my Kitchen-Aid mixer.


2 thoughts on “My Friend, Petunia

  1. thats one of the sweetest things ever. petunia is a pretty big deal, especially the cake line! i look forward to when you get to fill it with diapers :o)

  2. What an encouraging and heart-warming story! Thanks for sharing. You WILL be a great mom! So glad you got your dream bag! 🙂

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