Ms. Distraction and Ms. Motivation Duke it Out

There’s this thing about motivation that seems very snobby. Let me explain.

For the purpose of this explanation, Motivation is a she. If you and Motivation are already friends, then she’s like, your BFF and you go everywhere together and hang out and whisper about all the lazy people together at parties. You know? But if you just met Motivation and you’re trying really hard to make her be your friend, she’s elusive. She might show up every once in a while to hang out for a few minutes, but then she remembers that you’re not her real friend and then leaves.

Please tell me I’m not the only one that feels this way.

So, motivation is an acquaintance and I’m trying to coerce into sticking around to be my BFF. I cleaned today, I finished a craft project, I ran some errands, did some laundry, and am now writing a blog post… but I keep getting this feeling like motivation is on her way out the door any second. Like, if I don’t spend every second convincing her to be my friend, she’s gone.

The point of this blog was to show you the cool craft project I finished though. Distraction is currently my BFF, as you can see. We’ve been tight since 6th grade when Distraction taught me that boys were more interesting than my mean teacher Mrs. Phillips.

Here’s what Motivation and I did while Distraction was in the other room hiding inside my new Wii.

And then Ms. Distraction got her feelings hurt, but it’s ok. She deserved it.


3 thoughts on “Ms. Distraction and Ms. Motivation Duke it Out

  1. I love those jars, but I especially love the picture.

    Oh, and sometimes I have to kidnap Motivation (i.e., a to-do list)…I’m tired of her wishy-washy-ness. So I just hold her hostage, then let her go when I want to be left alone again. Catch and release. Ha! Now, I’m turning her into a fish! Thanks for the funny and thought-provoking post. 🙂

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