Stretch, Yawn, Repeat and the Birth of a New Blog

Hey, do you remember that one time I had a blog? Wasn’t that sort of fun? It was quite the adventure, talking to you fine folks every day. I miss you. And I don’t miss you (kind of) too… no offense. I just ran out of things I thought I wanted to say and it didn’t feel like a big deal to drop this bloggity off the face of the planet.

Until today when I was sitting there thinking I really wanted to start fresh on the blog and get going with some fun new content, a new name, a new design, a real schedule and grand plans of getting out of my “meh, who cares” rut. Wouldn’t that be something?!

So I’m trying to plan things out and move forward with some type of thought instead of winging it, which is so unlike me! First on my agenda is a fancy new name for the blog. I feel like something gypsy related would be good since I’m all wandery in my soul and my thoughts. And I super love sparkly things! But most gypsy related things I could think of sounded like stripper names. And then Lillian suggested trying to think of the word for throwing things up in the air and seeing how they land (because let’s be honest here, that’s how I do) but we couldn’t think of a word for that. So then I decided that I really liked that I’m a gypsy and a homebody somehow at the same time, and I like having a pig sty of a house but having very organized desk drawers, and I like that sometimes I’m incredibly shy and sometimes I’m annoyingly talkative and that I rather like being a human mad-lib and BAM. Blog name.

So now, here I am, the human mad lib. More updates to come!


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