Stretch, Yawn, Repeat and the Birth of a New Blog

Hey, do you remember that one time I had a blog? Wasn’t that sort of fun? It was quite the adventure, talking to you fine folks every day. I miss you. And I don’t miss you (kind of) too… no offense. I just ran out of things I thought I wanted to say and it didn’t feel like a big deal to drop this bloggity off the face of the planet.

Until today when I was sitting there thinking I really wanted to start fresh on the blog and get going with some fun new content, a new name, a new design, a real schedule and grand plans of getting out of my “meh, who cares” rut. Wouldn’t that be something?!

So I’m trying to plan things out and move forward with some type of thought instead of winging it, which is so unlike me! First on my agenda is a fancy new name for the blog. I feel like something gypsy related would be good since I’m all wandery in my soul and my thoughts. And I super love sparkly things! But most gypsy related things I could think of sounded like stripper names. And then Lillian suggested trying to think of the word for throwing things up in the air and seeing how they land (because let’s be honest here, that’s how I do) but we couldn’t think of a word for that. So then I decided that I really liked that I’m a gypsy and a homebody somehow at the same time, and I like having a pig sty of a house but having very organized desk drawers, and I like that sometimes I’m incredibly shy and sometimes I’m annoyingly talkative and that I rather like being a human mad-lib and BAM. Blog name.

So now, here I am, the human mad lib. More updates to come!


Paging Dr. House

If you’re my Facebook friend or you follow me on twitter, you have read about 48208 whiney updates from me in the past couple months – that is, if you haven’t hidden me already. Seriously, so much whining. I need to get that under control.

Here’s a recap if you’ve missed out on it. Since January 1st, I have had a stomach bug, 2 colds, what I thought was maybe mono, a 3 week long (so far) internally bloody nose, chronic nightmares and insomnia (which I assume are related), a not-so-pleasant cooking injury, tonsillitis, AND I woke up this morning with pink eye. It’s a medical issue grab bag ’round here.

I have left the house twice since Monday. TWICE. Once to go to the clinic (where I think I picked up the pink eye) and once to go to dinner with Dave.

Betcha can’t guess which eye has pink eye. Hint: it’s the squinty pink one.

This morning when I woke up at 5:30 because of another nightmare (I was being hunted), I noticed my eye was stuck shut, which has never happened to me before. Never ever had pink eye. Until today! When Dave woke up I said, “guess who has pink eye!” And he said, “awww. Why do you suck?” HAH. My thoughts exactly. I’m sure he really was feeling very sorry for me and my lengthy list of ailments. It’s tragic, really; he’s probably in denial about the rapid decline in health of his loving wife. I hear denial is common surrounding these types of situations.

All these issues caused my imagination to go a little insane. I think, what if I have a brain tumor? Headaches, bloody noses, nightmares, mono-like symptoms? These could totally be the result of a brain tumor, right? I should ask WebMD. They’re really good at realizing I’m about to die.

All that to say – I’m really going to try to not whine and complain on social media again for a while. Unless of course, I actually do have a brain tumor. Then it’s whining from here on out.


I found out last week that my brother and his wife are going to have a baby!!! I am SO PUMPED. I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl so I can start going nuts on the shopping and crafts for the baby, who we are calling Monkey. I decided to make a gender-neutral onesie to convince Monkey early on that I’m the best aunt ever.

I got a can of chalkboard paint from Dave’s mom for Christmas and I’ve been wandering around the house asking Dave if I could paint things ever since.

“Dave, what about the coffee table?” “Dave, can I paint your birthday gift?” “What do you think about this plastic sushi platter?” etc.

I also grabbed the can of chalkboard paint I got from Dave’s mom for Christmas and painted some antique book covers. I trimmed the chalkboard paint with metallic gold paint, and Voila! Another craft done.

I was so pleased with the way these lovey dovey chalkboard books turned out. I had to make them lovey… it IS February 1st, you know? Chalkboard paint crafting might be my new favorite.