A Cool Evening

Yesterday was all around cool. First of all, Dave finally got a wedding ring again after several years of his being at the bottom of the lake. Not the same one as the lake one, obviously. A brand new one! Faaaancy.

Secondly, it was the Civil Wars show at The Ryman. If you live around Nashville, you understand the magic of that sentence. The Civil Wars are a like mythical beasts with perfect pitch and the Ryman is as close to sacred ground as you’ll find ’round these parts. I can’t even describe the crowd. They had multiple standing ovations. It sounded like a rock concert between songs; people were stomping on the floor and yelling, “WE LOVE YOU, JOHN PAUL!” It was insanity. Wonderful, Nashville insanity. (Photo credits to Ms. Lillian B)

For one song, they brought out Taylor Swift. The girls behind me started screaming and, no kidding, crying.

It was a lovely, lovely music-filled evening. But it doesn’t stop there.

All during the show between songs I was checking Facebook because some sweet friends of mine were all tied up in this miracle: Chalos Adoption Journey 


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