So I’m a Collector

Alright, blogging confession time. I have filled my house to the brim. I do, in fact, have too many things and I’m finally admitting that. I’m a collector, to put it nicely. (Hoarding is just a fad word. Collecting is fancy and timeless, as am I. Right…? Am I convincing anyone?)

I LOVE things that are completely unique and have tons of character and charm. So when I see something like that (at the flea market, or at grandma’s house, or at the thrift store) every ounce of me wants to pick it up and give it a home and love it forever. And then I do. Even if I’m not using good judgement. Much like my feelings toward that super cute 2 year old at Wal-Mart. Except I didn’t bring that one home.

I picked up a box of old thread spools from my great-grandma’s barn, not knowing what I wanted to do with them. That’s totally my style, by the way. “I like this. I’ll just keep it in my trunk ’til I have an idea.” Well, I finally had an idea. Centerpiece!

This velvety, super comfy, mustard-yellow rocking chair (Dave’s Christmas present to me) from the flea market.

I definitely gasped when I saw this $4 landscape painting from the 40’s that is SO my taste right now – it will probably change next year, but it was $4 so WHO CARES!? Live it up old painting! Your time is now! Also, tell me that old-school school-house clock is not amazing. It’s industrial, so it’s super heavy, and it makes this wonderful whirring noise. It’s also a flea market find.

Another one of my newest quirky pieces is this handmade piece of a guitar my dad started to build when he was younger. High school maybe? Is that right, dad? I love that there is not a single other one just like this in the whole world. That pink and gold thing is a piece of hand-painted wrapping paper that I framed. I just loved the colors and designs. SUPER cheap and easy artwork.

I do my best to justify certain purchases or collections because I think, “Dave would really like this.” Mostly he doesn’t care… but that doesn’t stop me. This is one of “Dave’s” collections.

If I had a booth at the flea market, I would make a killing selling all this stuff. Dave thinks this is a very good idea. I, on the other hand, think, “Look at how much money I’m saving by NOT buying things like this since I already have them!” That makes sense right?


2 thoughts on “So I’m a Collector

  1. The other day while going through my craft bin I wondered if other crafters have the same thought of “I might need this little scrap of paper for another project” like I do. Thankfully the scrap hoarding…err..collecting is reserved only for the craft bin and I’m relatively clutter free. I can’t wait to finally settle down in a house somewhere for over a year and start the collections!

  2. This literally made me LOL:
    “I do my best to justify certain purchases or collections because I think, “Dave would really like this.” Mostly he doesn’t care… but that doesn’t stop me. This is one of “Dave’s” collections.”

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