Much Reason to be Thankful

This is the first Thanksgiving I’ve ever been without family. Although it was sad to not see my parents, siblings, and in-laws, my Nashville family was there to make the entire 4 day weekend a really special time. I’ll warn you now that this blog post is really long – but the past few days have been crammed full of awesome and I wanted to tell you all about it.

Wednesday evening was Mindy’s coming home party. If that’s not reason to be thankful, I don’t know what is. After three months in hospitals and rehabs, she finally made it home. They’ll be moving shortly into a home that can fit their new needs (bedroom on the first floor, room for their nanny/caretaker/live-in Grandma- Rhoda, who is doing such an amazing job, space for their third son who is 3 months old already-I can’t believe it!, and wider space for walkers, etc) and will have another party then. But for now, it was a small gathering of people who really care a lot about their family and had much celebrating to do. Welcome home, Mindy! We’re so glad you’re back!

After the kids were ready for bed we left the party and the HBC (as our smallest group of friends is so affectionally called) went out for our very first ever triple date. I’m not sure how to express to you how giddy we all were to be all outdoors together at the same time after bedtime without the children. It was a magical time. We had chips and salsa, went bowling, and had a miniature birthday celebration for Dave. It was SUPER fun. Turns out, we are not exceptional bowlers. But we sure are exceptional singer-alongers to bowling radio. To prove our musical prowess, we decided to head back to the neighborhood and play some midnight Rock Band. We should take this show on tour, if you ask me. We’re quite the force.

Thursday morning we woke up and headed across the street to watch the parade with our neighbor-friends, the Griffins and Amanda’s mom, Kaye. The food was AMAZING. Oh goodness. I want to eat Thanksgiving food every day.

In the evening, after we had filled our bellies as full as they could go, Rhoda, Kevin and Mindy, and their boys came over to hang out also. We spent the whole day cooking, laughing, being thankful, and spending time together.

Turns out, Dave can balance lots of stuff on his face. He can also juggle and make balloon animals. I’m thinking of enrolling him in some sort of circus club.

Amanda had decorated her house beautifully for Thanksgiving. Seriously… look how beautiful.

Friday was The First Annual Nashville Turkey Bowl, a little evening Black Friday shopping (my first ever Black Friday shopping trip), and the most successful Flea Market trip ever, eating Chinese food, and playing at the park. Dave’s annual tradition of playing football on Thanksgiving moved down south this year. Since I don’t understand how football works, and I don’t care for participating in group sports, my very important and difficult job was to keep baby Wesley warm and cozy. I think I should have been crowned game MVP. Though I heard from several people who actually know how football works that Dave was a star performer during the game… so I suppose it’s ok with me if he wins MVP. As long as it’s a Hagen.

Saturday we mostly lounged around. We slept in, picked up our flea market loot with Dave’s truck, had delicious Mexican food, and then Dave and I went on a little date to the dollar theater.

Sunday after church, we headed home and fired up the fireplace. I was super productive around the house for the first time in far too long – cleaning up and rearranging (aka prepared for this week’s Christmas decorating marathon) and sat on the couch with Mr. Hagen. It was lovely. As I sat down to write this blog post, I realized how very much I had to be Thankful for. So sorry if this blog post is SUPER long, but I couldn’t help myself.


2 thoughts on “Much Reason to be Thankful

  1. Stephanie, I am glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends! I love reading your blogs short or long! Love ya, Aunt Sharon.

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