The Playroom Challenge

My friend Earl, who is not 87 as his name implies, is starting to get hated by my husband. Not because Earl’s not cool, because he is, but because his surprises are starting to make my husband feel slightly inadequate as a gift giver/surpriser. Thankfully I keep getting to be a part of his awesome surprises (like this awesome trip) and the newest surprise: The Playroom Challenge.

Earl told his lucky little wife that she had until Christmas to redecorate their basement. Now, this doesn’t sound awesome to everyone, but wait! there’s more! He gave her an envelope of cash and told her she’s got this cash, the help of a few friends, and an overnight trip to Atlanta (IKEEEEAAAA!!!) if we need it. Of course, we’re going to need something from Ikea. It’s Ikea. I mean, really.

If we finish before Christmas, and we have money left over, we get to take a group trip to a fun little cabin in Gatlinburg. If we don’t finish before Christmas, Earl gets to take the rest of the money and take a trip with “the guys” which is totally lame. So if Amanda doesn’t get this basement done by Christmas Eve, I’m going to sneak into their house overnight and finish it. These are some of our ideas so far. All found here.

Painted Birch Walls

Color Scheme

Super awesome play area tent.



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