House Stuff

Today is the day the agent dealing with the house we put an offer on submits the best offers to the bank. The bank then picks the best offer and says, “hey guys, here’s your new house.”

We’re hoping that’s us.

We had to fine tune our offer a little bit (raise it) to match what the bank said they’d accept and now we just wait to hear if we won.

I may have driven past the house and snapped a picture today because I was tooooo excited. As much as I love the house (I really really love the house) I won’t be terribly disappointed if we don’t get it. It’s no secret that I like living next to my best buds. There’s room in this house for my friends though because it’s way more house than we can use right now (we’re thinking ahead to the day we have 17 children). If we move, I’m going to invite my friends to live with me. What do you say, guys? I’ll even let you use the indoor swing I’m dreaming of.


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