Pros and Cons

We’ve been thinking and thinking about putting an offer on a house. And it’s simultaneously freaking us out and really making us excited. We decided to go through with the offer, and to help us come to that decision, we made a pros and cons list of buying this specific house. Most of the things on MY pro list had to do with interior design. Figures.

After talking to my boss about it, she really gave us a good idea of what a short sale would look like. In my mind I thought, “it’d be nice to be in the house before Christmas” but she said to expect it to take 6 months in this case. So there’s that. But this is what I’ve been looking at on Pinterest to give me ideas for the house IF indeed we do end up buying it. Dream with me, won’t you?

This bedroom is quirky, but still relaxing.

I LOVE this dining space. Everything about it.

The living room in the house we’re putting an offer on has crazy high ceilings (which is fun!) but our couch (which we love!) is really low. This room gives me some ideas for how to marry those two things without my furniture looking dwarfed.

I can’t wait to keep you updated!


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