For a little back story about Mindy (if you don’t already know) you can go here: Heavy

Before Sunday, the last time I saw Mindy, she was in intensive care and almost completely paralyzed on one side. She didn’t say a word, and she hardly smiled. It was a bad day. Since then, she has had two surgeries, been moved to a rehab facility, and gotten markedly better. I mean really… so so much better.

It was good for me to get to see her again. She was smiling and talking. She asked questions, laughed at jokes, and moved her right side some. It was so encouraging. Also, she’s totally rocking the shaved head.

I left the rehab facility so thankful for Mindy, Kevin, their parents, and my friends who have been helping them. The past few months haven’t been kind to them, but they’ve been so strong and encouraging. I’m proud to call them friends.

And thanks to all of you who have been praying or giving. For more updates and pictures and information and all that – go here: Caring Bridge – Mindy Harkins


Falling Away

For the past couple of months I’ve noticed something about myself that I’m not proud of. Several things really, but one in particular. I’ve stopped trying. I stopped trying to blog (obviously) stopped trying to be creative, stopped trying in lots and lots of things. Most importantly, I’ve stopped trying to pursue my faith.  I go to church, and youth group, and camp, and I pray sometimes, and I talk about God sometimes, but I don’t try at all.

I don’t know what’s happening, and it’s making me really sad. I’ve lost some sort of passion that I used to have easily accessible. I had a spark close to the surface most times and it was reliable and comforting. Right now I just can’t find it.

I still have the same beliefs. I have the same needs and the same basic wants. I’m going through the same motions, but I don’t feel like I’m giving God room to be near me like I used to. I don’t really know how to explain what’s going on. And I don’t really know why I’m blogging about it other than I’m hoping for some encouragement and some “I was there, I know what you mean”s or “sometimes you have to do this”es or something. I want to just be fixed – to find the passion I used to know, to start feeling my faith, seeing its presence in my life.  How it is possible that I want it, and it’s not there to pull from like it used to be?

Growing up and growing in the faith is a really confusing thing sometimes. Any advice? Encouragement? Verses I can pull? I don’t want to speak for my husband too much, but I think he’s sort of experiencing the same thing lately. Any tips for couples who love God and love each other, but are lacking in passionate faith? We’re falling away from the things we hold dearest – and we need to get back.

No News

Several people have asked me how the whole “putting an offer on a house” thing went. Which is so nice! Thanks for asking friends!

But I have no news for you fine people just yet. Because the house is a short sale, it will most likely take a while. Yeah, I know, that sounds backward. A short sale means the bank is making the decisions, not the person who used to live in the house. Banks don’t really care about the time frame of selling a house.

So that’s where we are. We’re trying to not get too emotionally attached to the house. Which is harder for me than it is for Dave, but… let’s be honest… duh.

I promise to let you know when I hear when I hear!

Hipster Babies

Buffalo Mae: vintage and thrifted children’s clothing has been very busy behind the scenes to get the fall/winter stock up and out! Being surrounded by vintage baby clothes is like… the cutest thing ever.

I’m shipping our first items out this week and finishing up photos and Etsy posts this week too so it’s all ready to go. We planned to do a grand opening in August but since I changed jobs and went to Haiti and a million other things, I decided to push it back.

Here are a couple sneak peeks. I can’t wait to open shop!



Pros and Cons

We’ve been thinking and thinking about putting an offer on a house. And it’s simultaneously freaking us out and really making us excited. We decided to go through with the offer, and to help us come to that decision, we made a pros and cons list of buying this specific house. Most of the things on MY pro list had to do with interior design. Figures.

After talking to my boss about it, she really gave us a good idea of what a short sale would look like. In my mind I thought, “it’d be nice to be in the house before Christmas” but she said to expect it to take 6 months in this case. So there’s that. But this is what I’ve been looking at on Pinterest to give me ideas for the house IF indeed we do end up buying it. Dream with me, won’t you?

This bedroom is quirky, but still relaxing.

I LOVE this dining space. Everything about it.

The living room in the house we’re putting an offer on has crazy high ceilings (which is fun!) but our couch (which we love!) is really low. This room gives me some ideas for how to marry those two things without my furniture looking dwarfed.

I can’t wait to keep you updated!