Looking Forward To…

My boss asked me today to start thinking of my 3 year goals for my personal life and my career today, so I’ve been trying to put those desires into manageable goals. It’s really fun for me, because I’m always looking forward to stuff I’m ready to get excited about. Sometimes that’s a bad thing, but often it’s great. I’m in a listy sort of mood lately it seems. So these are the things I’m looking forward to short-term. Today’s list is titled, “This is why fall is awesome.” Also, this list could be titled, “a fraction of the things I’m going to try to cram in to the next 2 months.”

Camping (Preferably with friends who also love camping. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!)

Boots, jackets, scarves, sweaters

Cider (I mean, really.)

Drive-in movies when it’s chilly out (We went to the drive in on Friday and I had to use 2 blankets. It was magical.) (Also, sometimes when I’m in real life, I write poems or what sound like short excerpts from stories that are TOTALLY unlike the kind of writing I do here on ye olde blog. I wrote one on Friday about the drive in that I really liked but now I can’t remember it. I should start writing these things down.)

Pumpkin things: lattes, muffins, patch, seeds… you get the idea (I will bite people who try to take my freshly baked pumpkin seeds.)

Bluegrass and folky music (Fall has the best music of all the seasons.)

Heaters (I love being cold and turning on the heater. It’s like a giant house hug.)

High School football games

Tennessee hills and changing leaves (duh)

Homemade soup and stew (I made a barley, okra, carrot stew the other day that was AMAZING!)

What about you? What has got you excited about the next couple of months?

3 thoughts on “Looking Forward To…

  1. Oh girrrrrl! You’ve got me so excited about Fall….I love sweaters and boots and camping! I love the smell of campfires. If you go camping, take me with you! I’ve been known to fit nicely in a trunk.

  2. I agree with everything on your list! I would add: walking through leaves that crunch beneath your feet and give off that fall smell, wearing sweats, open windows, apple stuff (pie, muffins, homemade applesauce) gourds, squash, and Halloween.

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