Everyone’s Favorite Random Post Post

My life is the tiniest bit chaotic right now. I haven’t figured things out yet. Which is, I know, surprising to hear from a 25 year old. But it’s true. So to match my current situation, today’s blog post is a little chaotic too. And also longwinded! Sorry!

-This time of year, a couple things happen to me. The first is that I feel very overwhelmed and moody. Hence the last month or so of blog posts. The second is that I feel the urge to clean and reorganize and change my life. I’m somewhere in the middle of those two things now. I’m not too overwhelmed or moody right now, and I want to clean and change my life, but I haven’t really done that yet. So… I guess I’m just in my lazy phase?

-Shopping could easily get pretty out of control for me. It dramatically lifts my mood, and I hate that about myself. But Dave and I are a little bit desperate for new clothes right now. I mean, not actually desperate. We’re just desperate enough that we’re justified as fancy-pants Middle Tennesseans to buy new clothes, but feel guilty as used to be mid-Missouri middle/lower class kids. So… I bought a bunch of stuff WAY on sale and I’m excited about it. I’m the queen of thrifty shopping. A happy little uberconsumer, midwest transplant next door to one of the wealthiest county in the US. But don’t you worry about me; I’ll find my way here.

-I accidentally fell in love with a house that’s SUPER CHEAP and SUPER BEAUTIFUL and really freaking huge (2700 square feet!). It’s only 4 years old; and GET THIS – it’s like half off! Remember that whole bargain shopping thing I just told you about? Seriously, this house originally sold for $233,000 and now it’s listed for $129,000 (foreclosure!). I’m a little bit insane over it right now. The craziest thing is, Dave likes it too. We drove past it and he saw the 20×20 room that would be his studio and the 2 car garage/wood shop and he got a little fluttery, I think. Poor guy; I’m not sure he knows how to have feelings like this. We’re asking my boss about it – if it’s actually a once in a lifetime deal (it seems like it is) or if we should just wait it out. I trust her judgement. That was probably too much detail; can you tell I’m excited?

– MY PARENTS ARE COMING TO SEE ME!!! They’ll get here Thursday and leave this weekend. The older I get, the more thankful I am for them in my life. Also, I cannot believe this every time I think about it; one of the very very best friends I have ever had and will ever have (Lillian) has not met my dad! Who I really like! So I’m kinda excited about that.

– I bought pretty oil pastels the other day that are copper and gold metallic because I thought they’d be pretty eyeshadow and I WAS RIGHT! Who knew you could get nice makeup at the art supply store? I really love art supplies.


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