One time I started listing my love languages and realized at the end of my list that I had just listed all of them. I really like to love and be loved, I guess. But honestly one of my love languages is words of affirmation.

I have cards from middle school where friends would write encouraging words, emails from years ago where someone said, “want you to know I’m praying for you” or “you’re going to be an awesome mom someday” or something else that maybe felt meaningless to them but was so incredibly meaningful to me.

So I just wanted to say thanks to you quiet supporters who slip in a sweet comment here and there. Thank you Evelyn for the Facebook message you sent me in February. It meant so much to me. Thanks Dave for saying you’d “sop me up” when I said I was a puddle of sad… even though I’m not exactly sure what that means. Thank you Rebecca for the countless words of encouragement and prayers – you’re a sweet, sweet friend and I’m more grateful for you than I can express. Thank you Amber for the note you passed me in 8th grade that said you were in a bad mood but you cheered up when you thought about my shoes making black marks all down the hallway. It made me laugh. And thanks Jamie for the card you gave me in 8th grade that said I was the best friend you’d ever had. Thanks so much to Cayla for your sweet words over the past decade; I hold them dear. Thank you to Julie, Tiffany, Susan, Abi, Jen, and Angie for all the lovely blog comments that always make me smile. Thank you Kelli for knowing just what to say to encourage me and calm my anxious heart when I need it. Thank you mom and dad and mom-and-dad-in-law for your prayers and encouragement all along, but especially the past couple of trying-for-baby years. Thank you Amanda for your words of encouragement when I am struggling spiritually; thank you Lillian for always making me laugh – those words I need sometimes more than any others. Thank you Molly, McKinley, Clayton, Megan, Emily, Ian, Chris, Jake, Jimmy, Huston, and Lance for the encouragement notes in Haiti – I will keep them forever and only cry when I read them occasionally.

There are more of you to thank. More things I need to say to all of you, but I don’t have the space to do so. Guys, words are so important. Use them wisely.


9 thoughts on “Words

  1. i was going to leave a comment, but then though, “well, i mean, she’s kindof of ASKING for comments on this one, and who am i to give people things they are asking for…” so i thought better of it.

    oh shoot.

  2. What you don’t know is that YOUR words have impacted so many. I have shared your blog with friends who are struggling with infertility and your words have ministered to them…keep writing.

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