There’s a lot going on around here. I started my new job today (which I love so far!) and have been figuring out life on a new schedule (which I also love!). But I’ve also spent some time doing the little bit I can to help the Harkins family.

Some friends of ours, Kevin and Mindy, just had a baby boy about 2 weeks ago. He’s the sweetest little guy. Mindy had some complications with her pregnancy. She had quite a bit of hemorrhaging after the birth and ended up needing 2 blood transfusions.

She recovered from that and had been home with the baby until Friday morning when she came downstairs, handed Kevin the baby, and expressed that something was wrong. Her speech was garbled, and she had some paralysis. The ER did very little testing and she was sent home with a diagnosis that, we know now, was incorrect. 48 hours later, she was back in the ER getting a scan that showed she had had a large stroke.

She has declined over the past several days, and we are praying day and night. Last night as we sat in their living room, they had shaved Mindy’s head completely, and taken her into surgery to relieve the pressure from brain swelling. She was completely paralyzed on her right side before surgery.But as I understand it, as she woke up today, she tried to pull the breathing tubes out with both hands. We feel that this is a good sign, since she’s at least using both hands. They’re letting her sleep as much as possible today.

I would love for you to join us in prayer for the Harkins family. For Mindy – that she will be completely healed, that she will be able to rest, and that she feels God’s hand in this difficult time. For Kevin – that he will find rest and comfort, that he has strength when he needs it, and that he knows how much his family is loved. For the 3 young boys (ages 2 weeks, 2, and 6) – that they adapt well to the change of pace while friends and family are helping, that they feel comforted and loved to pieces.

If you feel led to help apart from prayer, you may send monetary donations and/or gift cards for groceries or VISA gift cards. We’d love for their medical expenses, legal fees, family travel, etc. to be completely covered. You can send assistance to the address listed below. And please do keep praying for this sweet family.

Donations for Mindy, c/o Lillian Boeskool, PO Box 953, Brentwood, TN 37024


One thought on “Heavy

  1. Hi Steph! I found your blog via my friend Shari’s facebook page. Mindy and I worked childcare at The Village Chapel for several months together. Our babies were due a week apart from each other. Everyone at The Village Chapel has been asking how she is doing. Would you mind emailing me at jenniferagingerich@gmail.com so I can pass the word to everyone? My heart just aches for their family. You can also find me here: weelittlehouse.com. Thanks! Jen Gingerich

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