10 Awesome Things About My Awesome Brother

My big brother, Steve, turns 27 today. He’s closer to 30 than he is to 20, and that’s really strange. I guess I am too, technically, but whatever.

(This is Steve dressed up as Bob Ross. Obviously)

I don’t get to see Steve as often as I’d like, but this year I’ll see him on his birthday. I’m excited about that. Let me tell you why.

1. He’s really good at Halloween and other costume events. He’s been Bob Ross, a ninja, a pirate, Flavor Flave, etc.

2. He was my best friend growing up, so he and I share things that I can’t share with anyone else in the world. Like thinking that yelling “If it tastes as good as it smells” while running from one arm of the couch to the other arm of the couch is the least bit entertaining. Our 4 and 6 year old selves did that for an hour or more. Sometimes I’ll make a joke that no one understands and say, “Steve would have laughed at this joke. Where’s Steve when I need him?” Memories, jokes, stupid kid stuff… we won’t ever lose that bond.

3. He’s insanely smart. He knows a lot of stuff, and he’s really good at making other people interested in the things he knows. If he’s a teacher some day, he’s going to be an excellent teacher.

4. He can beat anyone ever at any game ever. I’m pretty sure that’s not an exaggeration. I can’t be positive, because he hasn’t tried to play every person at every game, but statistics lead me to believe no one could ever be as good at he is at trivia games, memorization games, word games, board games, cards, and luck.

5. Steve is protective of his little sisters. This is a big deal if you are, in fact, one of his little sisters. I can’t be grateful enough for the way he would stick up for me or protect me if I needed it.

6. People say he’s the nicest guy they’ve ever met, and they mean it. He’s gracious and kind and forgiving.

7. He’s got great taste. Movies, music, clothes, and sister-in-laws. Or are they wives if he picks them? What if I just say Trystas. He’s got good taste in Trystas.

8. He’s dedicated to whatever he wants to be dedicated at. Am I the only one who thinks, “that’s dedication, Holmes” when I say dedicated a lot? Probably.

9. He’s taking swimming lessons. So, when we were little we went to the YMCA for preschool. We did swimming lessons there and it scarred us both for life. It was like, “hey, you don’t know how to swim? You should jump in the deep in off the high-dive. That’ll teach ya!” And then they push you into the dark, death-water. I am still sort of afraid of swimming. Steve is taking swimming lessons like a boss. They’re going much better than YMCA lessons, from what I hear.

10. I’m fairly certain he was born Japanese.

I love you Steve! Happy birthday to the best brother ever!


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