My Haitian Snuggle Buddy

Our first full day in Haiti started off with a painting project. The compound we stayed in has a burn clinic that was just added on to, so we painted the new addition of the clinic. Teenagers love paint messes.

After lunch, we went to the village of Titanyen (which may be my new favorite place on earth) and did a little Vacation Bible School type program with 70 village kids. I spent the first few minutes snapping pictures of our team – watching them interact with the kids, having no problem finding fun through the language barrier, and experiencing their first interactions with Haitian children.

My eyes welled up several times in the first hour or so. Turns out, when you love something very very much, you love seeing other people love it too. I was really impacted by watching 10 smiling teenagers pour into 70 smiling Haitian kids. Like… really impacted.

The program we did with the children was supposed to be for kids 5-12ish. One of the little girls who came was in charge of her 18 month old sister, so she tagged along. Poor baby sister just slept all day both days we had her.

Though it technically wasn’t allowed, it was lucky for those of us that really like to snuggle babies. Even if they cough in your mouth sometimes and are covered in week old chicken pox. I didn’t catch anything (that I know of) so no need to worry.

I’m not sure if the fact that a 5 year old was taking care of an 18 month old has something to do with it… or the fact that I do the majority of my bonding through cuddling, but I will never forget this little lady. Her sleeping face is burned into my brain.


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